Things You Should Know About Book Of Ra Before Playing It

Before you start playing any video slot you should always try to learn as much about it as possible. This can be through any number of ways. Checking out reviews, playing free to play versions of the game or even watching videos on YouTube. This is no different with the Novomatic mega smash Book of Ra. When deciding if you want to play this game it’s vitally important to look over every aspect of it to make sure that you are completely ready to play for real money. So, what is there to know?

There are free to play versions available

One of the best ways to get to know a video slot, Book of Ra included, is through a free-to-play version. Find the demo version of Book of Ra and play through at least 100 spins. This will give you the opportunity to see how the game works and what you can do to manage your bankroll properly. While no game will be the same very time, this will give you the essential gameplay knowledge needed to play a video slot successfully.

The gamble feature is vital

The gamble feature is a great way to plump up those smaller wins in Book of Ra. Because the game is a lower variance title, some of the wins that will come your way won’t be huge. However, you can increase the size of those wins through the gamble feature. All you have to do is choose if the card shown will be red or black. If you get it right then your win will be doubled. You can carry this out for as many times as you like. If you lose you will lose everything that you have earned. Also, you cannot keep playing the gamble feature if your win goes over the maximum payout. Once you hit that level, the gamble feature will be unavailable and you will just be given the win.

You can change the number of paylines

If you don’t want to play with the full number of paylines you can reduce them if you like. This will offer you a smaller number of ways to win, but will decrease your overall stake. If you like to manage your bankroll to a very tight degree then this feature will offer you even more control than you will usually have available to you. Of course, this is only usually done when the player bankroll is getting to a very low level as fewer paylines does mean fewer wins.