3 Card Poker

The card game 3 Card Poker was originated more than three hundred years ago and was also known as Primero, Primero is a dynamic card game where you can play with only 3 cards.

Later on the game changed names from Post-and-Pair to 3 Card Brag, these days it is known as 3 Card Poker.

The game has many inviting odds, as this is two games integrated into one, which is the Pair Plus and Ante Play. The Pair Plus is a clear, straightforward card game where you bet on the playing cards with bonuses and excellent winnings for two of a kind or better.

When playing the card game Ante Play, the player must place his bet first and then the dealer will give him his cards. The player must then make the decision to fold or rather raise his bet.

If the player has more value as the dealer's hand it then means that the player wins the dealer.

3 Card Poker